Are you looking for ONE training course that gives you ALL the tools, confidence and heart needed to achieve your goals, dreams, or life’s purpose to come to fruition?

Do you want to excel at the #1 way to grow your business? Would you like to be admired and respected by influencers within your industry? Do you want the skills to make your audience take immediate action? Would you like to gain the ability to make outstanding, memorable and effective videos? Do you want your audience to like, refer, and spend loads more money with you? Would you like the ability to cherry-pick your clients, and in doing so, charge more?

Imagine audiences clamoring for you, thunderous ovations, thrilled promoters inviting you back, and your message and sales multiplying exponentially.

The Dynamic Speaker TrainingTM Halo Effect

Have you taken other speaker trainings and have yet to achieve the results you’re after?

Who You’ll Be

A Dynamic Speaker is compelling, knows body movement and delivers with passion.

A Dynamic Speaker has strategy in the presentation, scripts for success and speaks to the subconscious of the audience. A Dynamic Speaker is of service, tells stories that touch the heart, evokes emotion and inspires the audience to take action. A Dynamic Speaker changes lives and makes a difference, leaving all involved richer for the experience.

What are you truly capable of when given the proper tools?

Clients who have completed our training reap the benefits of what we call the Dynamic Speaker TrainingTM Halo Effect, achieving more sales, gaining esteem within their industry, and experiencing repeat bookings.

  • It’s time to bring out a better you.
  • It’s time to be comfortable on stage.
  • It’s time to be funny.
  • It’s time to master the art of storytelling.
  • It’s time to be excited about your next presentation.
  • It’s time to own the room.
  • It’s time to be the person people can’t wait to see.
  • It’s time for your message to be heard.
  • It’s time for your business to explode.
  • It’s time to have a blast in the process.
  • It’s time to exceed even your own expectations.
  • It’s time to become a Dynamic Speaker.


At Dynamic Speaker TrainingTM, immerse yourself in an intimate environment crafted solely for your success. Learn from top-flight trainers who have sold millions from the stage, written hundreds of presentations, and coached thousands of people including brand-new speakers, seasoned professionals, business owners, and even A-list celebrities and movie stars.
At Dynamic Speaker TrainingTM, your success is our passion. When you become a Dynamic Speaker, you are fully equipped to take your passion to the masses, to positively impact the lives of others and in doing so, make the world a better place. When you succeed, we have fulfilled our own purpose, one Dynamic Speaker at a time.
Are you ready to make massive progress in your career, forward your mission and change lives from the stage, including your own? Then you are ready to become a Dynamic Speaker.




Praised as a leader in authentic business, Jase Souder is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. He has appeared on local and national TV and radio, was featured in the inspirational movies “Pass It On” and “The Power of Coaching” and has been published in 9 books, 4 with co-authors such as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and Mark Victor Hansen. With an informal, straight to the point, humorous style, Jase focuses on preparation, positioning and profit. Once equipped with his technique, tools and strategies, his clients immediately begin to attract people that resonate with their message. He wants good people to win so more good happens in the world. With the right coach, system, mindset and training, his client’s lives are open to every possibility imaginable.


Premiere business consultant, highly sought after speaker, personal breakthrough coach and business hypnotist, AJ Puedan consistently pushes clients to achieve their desired results regardless of circumstance. Using his unique formula, clients eliminate negative beliefs, patterns, blocks and self-sabotage, clearing the way for success and wealth. AJ understands the evolutionary process of business and life. and truly wants to see good people win. Shy by nature, loyal clients describe him as the Seminar Yoda, the speaker with the most heart, sincerity, and integrity. He lives the philosophy that we each need someone in our corner guiding and cheering us on and has found much joy in creating many millionaires in his storied career.


Steven Memel is an internationally acclaimed voice & performance coach, based in Los Angeles, CA. He is both the creator of and the energy behind “The Science Of Switching On”, a unique and impactful system that, under his nuanced tutelage, gives performer rapid and dramatic results. An internationally recognized voice technique and performance coach, award-winning actor and director, Steven has taught at Musicians Institute, UCLA, USC and is a regular speaker at seminars, conferences and universities around the world. Steven has aided in building the careers of some of the most talented and successful people in the world of entertainment such as Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Jesse McCartney, actors Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Lauren Bacall, Isabella Rossellini and many more. His clients have recorded on Sony, Jive, DreamWorks, BMG and others.


Jase Souder
Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Entertainer!
Why Dynamic Speaker Training?
A glimpse at what a day looks like at Dynamic Speaker Training.
In this episode we see the participants learning to deliver from stage and they visit a top Vegas Performer in order to hone their craft!
The president of a multi-million-dollar company, whose marketing reps do over 400 presentations per year, explains why he sends his reps to Dynamic Speaker Training
What others had to say about Dynamic Speaker Training
Another glimpse at what a day looks like at Dynamic Speaker Training.
In this episode we see the participants learning to deliver from stage and they visit a top Vegas Performer in order to hone their craft!


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